Our Service

Sizil Softec provide solutions in all languages and use the latest technologies in development & design. Our main goals in software development are to keep clients “up-to-date” with support, systems, technology and processes.

This collective experience shapes the services we offer you and enables in mitigating risk, improving quality, achieving the desired cost benefit and meeting the overall product roadmap goals for your initiatives.

Leveraging the experience and expertise, we are able to give you the desired focus, discipline and commitment for driving the product to new levels of performance and functionality.

Sizil Softec professionals are very hard working and sincere team, who applies them self well to any problem with a "never say die" approach, wish them success in their efforts !

Software Development

  • Our understanding of the dynamics of the process enables us to evolve complete products from unstructured specifications. We understand the intricacies and special needs of product development, such as: evolvability, maintainability, scalability, internationalization/localization, ease of use, ease of installation. We have coordinated with our customers in driving the entire program, including interacting with end-users and suggesting product roadmaps.

Logistic Management Solution

  • Sometimes a small fortune can lay hidden in missed transportation management opportunities. The ability to execute on these opportunities requires precise planning tools, powerful optimization solutions, centralized data management, and a focus on cost and service.The Sizil softec Logistics Supply Chain Management Suite of software solutions is exactly what companies need to find these hidden opportunities.

Online Examination Solution

  • Sizil Softec's online testing platform is perfect for holding practice sessions for students or employees using mock tests or custom online test creation feature. Practice tests can help students or employees prepare better for an exam or certification. A detailed test report is generated in real time for consideration of the trainers which can provide valuable insights into the performance growth of an employee or a student. For advanced courses which requires testing of specialized skills (technical, verbal, practical) simulation feature can be used.

School ERP Solution

  • Our Software solution for managing educational institutions like colleges, schools and universities have been developed based on open source technologies, and includes some major modules like Admission module,Hostel Admission, payroll module, fees module, library management, course management, Laboratory etc.

Hotel Management Solution

  • Hotel Software used by businesses to automate their day-to-day operations such as room bookings, reservations, check in or checkout. Hotel reservation software is developed for suitable works of the following types of accommodation like Hotels, Motels , Hostels or Any other room booking which is to be managed